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What is Pitch In?

Pitch In is a Flash Widget which allows you to place a donation tracker on any web page. Pitch In works in a similar way and can be used instead of Chip In which will be shutting down soon. We offer features never included by Chip In and will continue updating the Pitch In widget with features based on popular demand. Pitch In is designed to work perfectly with!

Pitch In gets information about contributions through PayPal, and handles the information to correctly show the amount of money you have raised and the number of contributors.

Pitch In is free to use, and only stores the most needed details in our databases, as per our Privacy Policy. For more information about what we offer, keep reading this page.

Why do you need it?

Have you ever wanted to start raising money for a cause? Ever wanted to make money by streaming, even though you are not partnered?

With a Pitch In widget, you can start accepting contributions or donations in a matter of minutes! Sign up, log in, and create your first Pitch In in minutes. Paste the HTML code wherever you want it shown, and start receiving money from your contributors!

It's 100% free to use, and there are no hidden fees on Pitch Ins end. PayPal fees may apply. Read more about PayPal fees.

Key Features

Frequent Updates

Pitch In will be updated frequently, and we will listen to our users feedback. If a bug presents, it will take top priority, and will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.

Force English

Pitch In offers by default to Force English on PayPal, which will make the PayPal site english, instead of your native language, if you want it to.

Publish Anywhere

Pitch In works in all browsers, and can be published to most social and gaming websites, mainly due to its limited use of special HTML tags.

Basic Templates (Free)

Basic Templates are available for anyone who registers. These templates are completely free to use, and are available when you create your Pitch In.

Premium Templates ($2.99/m)

Premium Templates are a part of our Premium Membership. Premium Membership is $2.99 per month, and will help keep the Pitch In Widget updated, along with paying for potential hardware upgrades in the future. By purchasing Premium Membership, you are helping us keep this alive and running smooth, and we deeply appreciate it.