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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to create a Pitch In?

Nothing. It's completely free to use to register and create a Pitch In widget. You may however buy into one or both of our premium services below.

We offer a Premium Membership for $2.99 per month, which will allow you to use several Premium Templates for your Pitch In.

Does Pitch In charge any fees?

No. Pitch In does not charge any fees for accepting contributions through our widget. PayPal may however charge fees on transactions.

For more information about PayPal fees, go here

What makes Pitch In different from Chip In?

Pitch In is different in a number of ways. With PayPals latest update, if you reside in a non-english country, and if PayPal has a language file for you, your contributors will be forced to go to the PayPal donation page, which will be in your native language. Considering the spread of nationalities across the internet, this is a very bad thing, as you would like all your contributors to be able to figure out what the page says.

Pitch In offers a setting called "Force English", which is enabled by default upon Pitch In creation. What this feature does, is that it will force the PayPal page into english, so that everyone can read what it says, no matter where you are from.

Pitch In is also still being developed and updated. When we get feedback from our users, we will put up a public vote, where people can vote on what feature they would like to see next.

Pitch In is created by the people, for the people. And that's how it's going to continue.

What does Pitch In offer compared to PayPals widget?

With Pitch In you can accept donations to any and all paypal emails. Where PayPals widget is restricted in the way that you need to own the PayPal account you're collecting for, Pitch In allows you to collect money for any charity or entity that uses a speciffic email.

Pitch In also offers complete control over donation amounts. Where PayPal requires you to make a list of possible donation amounts, Pitch In allows your contributors to simply type the amount of money they want to donate.

As far as we can see with the current beta version of the PayPal widget, it does not show comments, nor does it allow for you to pull any speciffic information to a public server. Pitch In has an API that makes it possible for you to show live stats on your own website, pull top contributors for a single widget, or from any of your widgets.

PayPals widget doesn't use "Force English" which may become a problem for non-english speaking widget creators, as the donation page will be entirely translated to their native language, disregarding the contributors native language.

How does Pitch In work?

Pitch In works by communicating with PayPal when a contribution has been verified. We update the data, and the Pitch In Widget will update accordingly.
The Pitch In Widget updates automatically every 5 minutes, but can also be force updated, by reloading the page.

Can I run more than one Pitch In at a time?

Yes! You can run as many widgets as you'd like, at any given time.