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Welcome to Pitch In!

Posted on 03/05/2013 at 3:58 PM

For the past 2 months, we have been developing Pitch In at a rapid pace.
It started out as a project to improve what Chip In offered their users, and would allow users to choose between an outdated widget, and a brand new one.

The initial launch date for this project was set to June 2013, planning to only develop it on weekends.

This quickly changed when Chip In announced that it was shutting down for good, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of people stranded without any means of accepting donations, while displaying live tracking to their contributors, for free.

We put things into gear, and started spending an immense amount of time developing, securing and testing the service.

Today, at long last, after over a month of beta testing, where people have reported bugs, and suggested features to us, we're ready to launch into version 1.0.

"What does this mean to me" you ask? Not a thing! You continue using the service as you would a month ago. We have been updating the service on the fly, doing live edits where needed.

From here on out, we will not be doing live edits that can put your widget at risk, or make any changes that will impact our service. All development will be conducted behind the scenes on a private server, far far far away from your widgets, stats and information.

But lets take a look at some questions we've been asked, and get a sneak peak into the future of Pitch In shall we?

Q: Since your service is 100% free, where does the money for maintaining the service come from?

A: Pitch In is privately funded, which means that we will not run out of money! We will keep the website updated, and keep developing new features as suggestions come in. If you really wish to support us, or show your gratitude, you're free to donate to us at any time.

Q: So many Chip In replacements have surfaced the past 2 months, what makes you different?

A: Pitch In was developed with Chip In in mind. There is a lot of users using Chip In, mainly because it doesn't add fees on top of the fees that PayPal takes from you. A lot of other services require fees to use for private use. Pitch In is the same as Chip In was. It has a similar design, similar functionality, and most importantly, no fees at all, for both private and charity use.

Pitch In is also supported by all major browsers, and requires only a small HTML code to be implemented, which can be done on almost any website, and also offers Event Pages, that you can set up to use, if you don't have a website.

Pitch In auto updates every 5 minutes, and on every page load, which is more than enough for general use. If this is not fast enough for you, taking a look at Pitch Ins future below, will take care of that.

What does the future hold for Pitch In?

The future brings many things. We will only list a few of the main attractions, so that you have something to look forward to.

Custom Designing
We thought long and hard about how to allow our users the ultimate customization of their widget. This results in us scrapping the Premium templates, and adding a way to upload your own template to use. To make sure that fraud is minimized, every submitted template must be manually accepted by our team (within 24 hours), as there will be certain regulations that will need to be honored. More to come about that when the feature is close to being released.

Premium Membership & Live Backend
As you can read above, we decided to go a different direction with our Premium Membership. At first we offered special templates for Premium Members, but we will be scrapping that, and instead offer you enhanced control over your widget. You will be able to manually set the auto update speed on the widget!

You will also get access to the brand new Live Backend, which will help marathons, or other events that pull a lot of donations in a short amount of time. It will basically be THE window to have open as the guy in charge of reading comments, updating donation totals and the likes. But more about that in the future.

If you are running a charity event, you can contact us, and petition for a temporary Premium Membership to allow you to use these functions.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this rather large post, and we assure you, it will be rare to see one of this magnitude!

The Pitch In Team