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Create, View and Edit Widget

Create a widget and start accepting donations within minutes! Simply create an account, verify your email, and log in to get started. Click the "Create Widget" button that you see on your account page, fill in your information, and you're good to go!

To view your widget at any time, simply log into your account, and press the name of the widget you wish to see the information for. A page containing the details for the widget will appear, where you can choose to edit the widget, or exit back to the account page.

To edit an existing widget, simply log in, and click the name of the widget you wish to edit. This will bring you to the "View widget" page, from where you can click the "Edit Widget" button. This will bring up the "Edit Widget" page, from where you can make any edits you desire.

Live Donation Tracking

Pitch In is a widget that auto updates every 5 minutes, or whenever you refresh the page. It keeps track of the donations you receive through the widget, and shows it graphically to your users.

Contributor Details

Pitch In features a detailed view of your contributors. The details include their names, their email and their donation amount. It is a way to get in touch with your contributors if you wish to thank them personally.

To see details on your contributors, you can either click the number below "Donators" on your account page, or while on the "View Widget" page, click the "See list" link.

Event Pages

Event Pages are great if you're trying to raise money from a website that doesn't allow flash elements such as Youtube. Simply activate your event page, and distribute the link!

To create an event page, you must first have an active widget running, then click the "Event Pages" link on the account page, and activate the page for the desired widget.

Pages are not enabled by default.


We offer you basic statistics on your overall widgets. This page will show you how much money you've raised per day since your first donation came through, a top 10 of donation amount per country, top 10 of countries with the most combined donations, and a top 10 of the highest average donations per country.

Always English

By default, our "Force English" option is enabled when you create a widget.
What this does, is that it forces PayPal to be in english instead of your native language.
In one of PayPals most recent updates, they made it impossible for you to change the language that you see the donation page in, and users would be forced to see your donation page in German if the widget creator is from Germany, or Chinese if the creator is from China.

You are free to disable it, if you're only targeting people from your own country, or if you don't like it. This can be done by removing the tick in the "Force English" option, either when creating a widget, or when editing one.